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Conversation-StarterConversation Starter

Just want to talk?

Just want to get a conversation going, not sure if you should be using Skype for Business, Yammer or Teams? With Conversation Starter it doesn’t matter. Just find the people that you want to talk to and begin. Either during the conversation or at conversation end we let you add the thread to the relevant Yammer or Team site or simply save the thread in your Outlook conversation history.


  • Consistent UI to hold conversations that can be saved to Teams, Yammer or Outlook.
  • Include @mention functionality.
  • Used with Group Explorer, find members based upon the groups that they belong to.
  • Used with Group Explorer, quickly and easily include the whole group in a conversation.

WebProvisioningGroup Provisioning

Just want to start a group?

Just want to get going with a group? Not sure which Office 365 tools to use? Group Provisioning provides a simple single interface to create all of your groups, whether you just want a shared calendar or the full Teams experience. Ideal for people that just want to get on with stuff.


  • Consistent UI to create groups across the whole of Office 365
  • Simple guidance to ensure that the right type of group is created.
  • Template functions to avoid repetitive tasks such as channel creation and creating tabs.
  • Group pre-check to avoid group duplication.