Tenant Switcher for Group Explorer

About Tenant Switcher

Tenant Switcher is an add-in module to Group Explorer, addressing a big problem with a simple solution. Designed for large international organisations with multiple Office 365 tenants, it enables users to seamlessly switch the Group Explorer views between O365 tenants in order to collaborate quickly and easily across group companies or entities. Tenant Switcher-2

Switching between tenants couldn't be easier. The user simply selects the O365 tenant from a drop down and they are transported directly to GX within that tenant where they have all of the features made available to guest members.

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Vicent Galiana

Think-5, Solutions Architect

Being able to switch seamlessly between our development, QA, test and pre-production environments saves me hours every week. Tenant switcher gives me immediate access to all of our collaboration areas across all of our platforms. 


As an international law firm, cross border collaboration is sometimes vital and this provides a seamless experience to our users.

Patrick Torti, Director of Business Technology CMS Legal Services


Product Features


  • Switch seamlessly between your Office 365 tenants.
  • Search for Office 365 Groups or members across all of your tenants.
  • Find groups that you are not a member of.


Just want to "dip in" to the group without launching the native app? GX lets you do just that.

  • Easily collaborate across group companies.
  • Jump straight into the SharePoint site or document library.
  • Go directly to OneNote or Planner.
  • Request to subscribe or join groups of interest.


Or if you want to enjoy the full, rich Office 365 experience just click on a tile and go.


Product Benefits

Encourage Collaboration

  • Engage directly with external Office 365 Groups, Teams or Yammer sites from a single launch pad.
  • Improve collaboration times across geographically or organisationally diverse parts of your business.

Reduce Pressure on IT

  • Simplify multi-tenant access.
  • Move from “manage and contain” to “encourage and monitor".
  • Avoid group duplication.
  • Know who has access to what.

Save Everybody 5 Minutes

  • Make it simple to find the right group at the right time - across multiple companies.
  • Maintain consistent UI.
  • Avoid searching across multiple platforms.