Group Explorer Introduction

Welcome to navigation power for Office 365. This version uses sample data.

This sample installation will give you an introduction to the power of Group Explorer. The only navigation and dashboard tool across Office 365 Teams, Yammer, Outlook Groups and more.

Get a feel for the app, and then hit the Setup up tab to start the process of getting this installed for your organisation's Office 365 tenant.

What is it?

A powerful dashboard and navigation experience across Office 365

This is a handy tool for enterprises allowing users to easily find and access collaboration areas across Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Take the tedium out of having to separately navigate across Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer Groups, Planner, SharePoint, and other tools. With Group Explorer you can easily search for content across your core collaboration areas to surface the right information in just a few seconds. Imagine being able to search and filter for archived collaboration areas, or collaboration areas that include a specific colleague, or an external user. The list of use cases goes on. 

Watch the promotion video here. Further down you will find a <1 min demonstration video as well.

With Group Explorer, you can easily explore and navigate across Teams, Yammer groups, Outlook Groups and SharePoint sites from one single pane of glass.

Key benefits that Group Explorer gives you:

  • Allows users to have easier and faster access to O365 Groups, Teams and Yammer
  • Reduced duplication of collaboration areas
  • One aggregated view across collaboration areas and tools
  • Visual guides to group type, status, team members and more
  • Quick view of description
  • Quick view of members
  • Direct access to the associated Document Library, Site, Planner and OneNote