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Powerful Intelligent Workspace features for the enterprise

The best way to learn about Atlas, the Intelligent Workspace, is to speak to us and to experience it in action, but in the meantime, we have listed a few key features for you to get a taster below.

Atlas feature image of ____

Menu system

An advanced mega menu for enterprise use cases

Technically speaking, Atlas includes an advanced menu system which combines the strength of a taxonomy driven information architecture with permission trimming - in addition to in-context navigational tools.

In other words, menu items are structured logically and intuitively according to the way your business works, and users can only see menu items they are permitted to go to.

Not one, but many ways to navigate: Mega menu, launchpad, Quick Links, My Links, and more
Animated gif showing Add it wizard

Add It

Frictionless contribution

Imagine any user can add any content anywhere with no technical knowledge of Office 365 or SharePoint Online. "Add It" controls this experience, ensuring users can only contribute where they have permissions while taking the user through the steps with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard". 

Collective Knowledge: Remove barriers for all users to contribute
Group Explorer

Group Explorer for Office 365

Connect and Collaborate across Office 365 apps including Teams, Yammer, SharePoint and more.

Whether the collaboration group was created within Outlook, SharePoint, Planner, Yammer or Microsoft Teams, find it and get to it from here. Explore, engage and experience Office 365 collaboration with Group Explorer.

Using clever Microsoft Graph and Machine Learning technology and targeting enterprises that are adopting the Office 365 suite, Group Explorer saves each user many five minutes every day.

A real time-saver, this powerful tool is your launchpad to all of your collaboration groups

Personalise the content experience

Pull out the nuggets that are relevant to your users.

Pull out the nuggets that are relevant to your users.

The UX of Atlas is very much about enabling the right content to be delivered to the user in the right context. Personalisation plays a big part in that.

Atlas offers users the ability to personalise the content that is displayed to them by providing preferences that can be set based upon the customer taxonomy model. These preferences will be applied to the news, events, external insights and knowledge carousels, recent documents, recent knowledge, and knowledge spotlights carousel.

Each user, a unique experience

Each user, a unique experience

Get in touch ...to learn more about these amazing features or continue with the brief summary of additional features below.



Atlas follows design and UX patterns proven by our expert User Experience team to enhance employee engagement. While keeping an eye on the best practices for UI and UX, we will also apply your brand and style settings to Atlas ensuring the overall look and feel will reflect your business.



Launchpad is an app that will allow users to have quick and easy access to a range of tools centralised in one place. These tools can be within Atlas itself, other internal systems or external web applications.


News Publishing

The news carousel, related news module, and global alerts component provide high-level communication of organisation news in an effective way while taking the pressure off communicating news via email and other less efficient channels. The news publishing features are personalised to the user’s preferences.


Events Promotion

The global events carousel and related events modules allow marketing and communications teams to keep employees informed as to what internal or external events are coming up. Users will be able to see high-level event information which will guide them to click through to an event page showing more detail. The event features are personalised to the user’s preferences.


Essential for user adoption, the tour is available as a configurable component and provides useful and interactive tips to the user about the features provided. The Tour feature supports multiple steps with images, text and videos.

Enterprise Social Network feed with Yammer

The integrated Yammer feed keeps users informed of the social and collaborative aspects of an organisation. Up to date company information or other relevant information is accessible for users to communicate with each other.
Directory + Search

Directory and Search

Being able to find the right information and people is crucial for an effective digital workspace. We utilise SharePoint’s powerful search experience to create Global, People and Expertise Search as well as an Office Directory.

Document Management

Document Management

We harness the best of Microsoft’s document management capabilities and enhance it with custom features to make it easier and smarter. Version control, co-authoring, document ID, approvals, and more is all available to use.
Content Management

Content Management

Through best practice information architecture, UX and content life cycle management, Atlas aides in findability of content and intuitive use of your digital workspace by leveraging a range of content management features within Office 365.
Automatically schedule content reviews or content disposal. Control how content is added and apply approval workflows automatically or ad-hoc depending on the type of content. And much more.
Information Hubs

Information Centres

These are repositories for news, events, organisations and knowledge - each contained within its own "Site Collection" controlling the taxonomy, document libraries, landing, content pages and more.
Importantly, you will be able to maintain disparate security frameworks and workflows with each Information Centre.


If you’re looking to truly understand what is working for your users, the analytic package offers deep reporting and analytics for your organisation’s SharePoint inventory, activities, and assets.


Receive expert Microsoft Office 365 training on-demand, divided into convenient and easy to consume chunks of video clips, delivered by an expert classroom trainer.
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