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A real time-saver, this powerful tool is your launchpad to all of your collaboration groups across Office 365. Whether the collaboration group was created within Outlook, SharePoint, Planner, Yammer or Microsoft Teams, find it and get to it from here. Explore, engage and experience Office 365 collaboration with Group Explorer.

Using clever Microsoft Graph and Machine Learning technology and targeting enterprises that are adopting the Microsoft Office 365 suite, Group Explorer saves each user many five minutes every day.

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Matt Berg, Cloud Solutions Specialist, Microsoft

Matt Berg

Cloud Solutions Specialist, Microsoft

This approach to bringing multiple Microsoft 365 solutions together in a consistent user experience for team work and collaboration had an incredibly positive impact for our customer.

Consistent UX across Microsoft 365 is big part of the success

 Tools such as Group Explorer and the unique blend of UX and deep tech skills that ClearPeople brought to the engagement has made a huge difference and is a big part of the customer success we are experiencing.

Stephen Bedford, Product Division Director

Stephen Bedford

Product Division Director, ClearPeople

GX is my launch pad into Microsoft collaboration areas. It helps boost collaboration efforts across individuals, teams and geographies, maximising our investment in Office 365.

A bit of AI thrown in for good measure

The product is built on the very latest Microsoft technologies making extensive use of the Microsoft Graph API and Azure Functions, with a little bit of AI thrown in for good measure.