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Do people struggle finding ...

valuable information your organisation creates?

Being able to find the right information at the right time is crucial for you and your organisation.

Through tailored UX and information architecture Atlas provides a centralised view of information that effortlessly guides users throughout your organisational content, enabling your people to:
  • Find content via our human-centred navigation.
  • Refine and save searches to find what you need, fast.
  • Personalise the content so everyone’s homepage is valuable to them.
  • Use the powerful search to rapidly surface needed information.
The Atlas launchpad

Are people confused ...

when choosing which tool to use for the task in hand?

Atlas de-clutters Office 365. A single interface provides simple access to information no matter where or how it is created.

Atlas provides a beautifully designed, consistent digital workspace with people in mind.

Office 365 has a multitude of useful tools and overlapping features. Each one presents different and unfamiliar interfaces to you and your people. Atlas lets people navigate through SharePoint, Teams and Yammer seamlessly without the need to launch the native Office 365 interface. Don’t worry though, Office 365 is still there whenever people need it.


Do you enable people ...

to work as effectively as they can?

Atlas matches people with technology, systems and knowledge knitting together the Collective Intelligence of your organisation, engaging your people and freeing up valuable time.

Atlas enables people to quickly identify and participate in collaboration areas across your organisation.

Atlas enables people to easily participate in collaboration scenarios driving trust and engagement in a way that’s never been done before. New collaboration areas can be easily created (governed, of course) and tagged to allow powerful search and discovery of activities.

Read more about Group Explorer.

The Atlas preferences driving your personalised experience

Is your content working hard enough ...

for your people or is it not as relevant as you or they wish it was?

Atlas pushes content to people based upon their own preferences making it relevant and engaging.

Atlas offers users the ability to personalise content that is served to each user, so people see the things they care about.

Got something to add? Frictionless contribution is here...

Interested in innovation news? Set it as a preference to bring it to the forefront of your digital workspace.

Read a great article? Post it with ‘Add It’ one of Atlas' great tools and everyone else can see it too.

Did you read a cool article that someone posted? Like, comment and connect with people who can enhance your knowledge.

Some of the great clients we are proud to be working with:


Don't just take our word for it

  • Bryan-Ackermann

    We wanted something that would be truly different.

    Building just another intranet was the easy bit.

    We wanted something that would be truly different; something that was fully integrated with every business application.

    What we have got is a multidimensional way of communicating and a window to find millions of pieces of information. It is somewhere the entire business can harness data, insight and expertise.

    Bryan Ackermann, CIO, Korn Ferry

  • Ali-Reza_Moschtaghi

    Enhanced and intuitive user experience

    Nando’s Innovation portal integrates external AI-based information aggregation.

    ClearPeople partnered closely with Nando’s to address key digital strategy requirements providing customised branded digital portals via our Atlas framework solution to enhance information sharing and collaboration internationally across the group.
    ClearPeople’s digital workspace expertise and flexible approach successfully delivered multiple intuitive and engaging digital portals to maximise user engagement and the Atlas solution provides a powerful platform to support future growth.

    Ali-Reza Moschtaghi, Group Chief Enterprise Architect, Nando's

  • Matt-berg

    Incredibly positive impact for our customers

    Bringing Office 365 solutions together

    This approach to bringing multiple Microsoft 365 solutions together in a consistent user experience for team work and collaboration had an incredibly positive impact for our customers.

     Matt Berg, Microsoft

Upcoming Events

Date 12 September 2019

Understand: your user engagement and adoption with intuitive analytics.

Webinar with Atlas technology partner, Ed Senez from tyGraph

Date 18 September 2019

Improve collective knowledge and make better decisions

For the Comms, Knowledge, HR and Talent managers out there, do you know that in your job, you have the biggest potential for creating value and making better decisions?

Your organisation can build a better future by harnessing the collective intelligence.
Date 19 September 2019

Roundtable: Food for Thought

With special guests, Hannah Powell from Tokio Marine HCC and Matthew Richardson from Shaping Tomorrow, thoughts, issues and ideas will be discussed relating to what the Digital Workspace looks like now, and in the future.

We will be serving a complimentary breakfast (please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements).


A little more about us and some useful info

We want to be with you all at every step of the way, wherever you are with your adoption of Microsoft's Office 365 platform and suite of tools. Let ClearPeople, the people behind Atlas, help you with whatever pain points you are currently experiencing or future planning for.

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Korn Ferry's "Fuse" running on Atlas
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